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Nooit meer medicatie vergeten in te nemen

Care Force wint met slimme medicijndispenser

We zijn enthousiast over de ‘internet of things’-oplossing van Care Force.
Jet Wiechers, juryvoorzitter en partner van KPMG Plexus

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Philips Museum Eindhoven uses Glimworm Beacons to automatically recognize locations in their interactive family game "Mission Eureka" designed by NorthernLight. Read more

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Vanavond was Sven Haitjema bij ons te gast, een pionier op het gebied van iBeacons. Sven is getalenteerd (hardware-) ontwikkelaar en afgestudeerd in technische informatica. Read more

We are apps

With the Inventing Europe Museum App, you can discover the history, culture, and formation of Europe through the lens of technological objects and (audiovisual) images in a combined real and virtual world. The app is based on the Muse Open Source platform. Download the Inventing Europe app for free!
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Congratz guys you are on the list! The 9 biggest #beacon manufacturers @GlimwormIT

Tim Groot on Twitter

We are open data

“There is a new way of making money”

Jonathan Carter

Civic APIs are in the spotlight across the two days of API Strategy and Practice being held in Amsterdam. Workshops, several panel sessions, keynote speakers, and fireside chats are all focused directly on how cities are opening up their data and introducing APIs into the ways they work with citizens and local businesses. Read more



Inspiring interview with Jonathan Carter. Talking about Arduino, Open Hardware and the Internet of Things.

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Jonathan Carter
Technical Director

We like to solve big problems with simple and effective ideas


The creation of an immersive 3D environment of EEG data using the Oculus Rift.
The Europeana Open Culture App is based on the Muse Open Source platform. Download the Europeana Open Culture app for free!
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Glimwom IT and Appsterdam got 40 developers together to test the first 10 Glimworm iBeacon. This video captures the collaborative atmosphere and documents specific demonstrations of what an iBeacon can and should do.

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Paul Manwaring
Creative Director

Our mission is to make technology work for everybody

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“The ParkShark Street Cam could be the future of smart city parking”

Jonathan Carter, Technical Director

The ParkShark Street Cam is an €8 cam looking at the street and monitoring availability of parking spaces using computer vision.
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We thank @GlimwormIT and @Appfixers for their great work on our amazing digital museum app!

Inventing Europe on Twitter

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Road plan to provide the optimal open data for developers to build a multimodal app. Executed by Glimworm IT BV, Braxwell.com and Solid Links for the Department of Infrastructure, Traffic and Transportation (DIVV) of the city of Amsterdam. Download the whitepaper

We are open data

To conclude the project 'Nederland Opent Data', a book has been published at the beginning of 2013, written by Carlien Roodink. The main part of the book is reserved for fifty stories written by people who have worked with open data in practice. Paul and Jonathan share their experiences about developing the ParkShark API.
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We are problem solvers

ParkShark API winner of Apps for Amsterdam 2012. Find out more at:

We are teachers

Watch Jonathan Carter and Paul Manwaring outlining the Dutch-European landscape of Open Data during of the Appsterdam Weekly Lunchtime Lectures

We are apps


We are apps

FietsFinder let's you find the nearest bike shop. Additionally it has a cool "Dude, where is my bike?" function. Get it for free

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“Without the contribution of guys like you it would have been impossible to create such a success.”

Steven Smit, Masarang International

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Sander Vriens

Begeleiden en opleiden van onze klanten is mijn voornaamste taak

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