January 23 2014

Europeana Open Culture app now bigger and better

We just released an upgrade to the Europeana Open Culture app! The new version of the app brings enhanced functionality, new content and a more user-friendly layout. The app is available in seven languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, and Swedish) and for all Apple and Android tablets.


New: Version 2.0 of Europeana Open Culture App For iOS and Android Tablets Released

Version 2.0 of of the Europeana Open Culture app became available earlier today. It’s free to download/use and provides access to more than 350,000 images.

July 5 2013

Entrepreneurs in the making at first Apps4Europe Business Lounge

The Muse Open Source platform, on which the Europeana Open Culture app is built, came fourth at Apps4Europe and got very positive feedback from Peak Capital representatives. [button open_new_tab="true" color="Extra-Color-1" size="small" url="" text="Read more"]

July 3 2013

Save Europeana and the Cultural Ecosystem

Europeana brings together cultural collections from heritage organisations all over Europe. The budget of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) that Europeana is part of, has been drastically reduced due to funding cuts, 9 to 1 billion euros. This severly threatens Europeana’s future. [button open_new_tab="true" color="Accent-Color" size="small" url="" text="Read more"]

June 12 2013

Europeana's Eerste App

Europeana, het Europese digitale portaal tot cultuur, heeft 350.000 afbeeldingen uit de collecties van zes vooraanstaande instituten gratis beschikbaar gesteld via een eerste eigen (iPad) app. De code van de app, geschreven door Glimworm IT, is open source. [button open_new_tab="true" color="Extra-Color-1" size="small" url="" text="Lees Het Volledige Artikel "]

June 5 2013

Europeana Releases First Free iPad App With Works From Europe's Top Institutions

Europeana, Europe's digital library, museum and archive, has launched its first free iPad app. 'Europeana Open Culture' introduces the public to hand-picked and beautiful collections from some of Europe's top institutions, and allows people to explore, share and comment on them. [button open_new_tab="true" color="Extra-Color-1" size="small" url="" text="Less het volledige artikel"]

June 16 2012

Europeana Plenary 2012

You will have the opportunity to hear leaders in the digital and cultural field present case studies on the latest developments; explore the Europeana Network's concept of the European Cultural Commons; and learn about the Europeana Business Plan for 2013. [button open_new_tab="true" color="Extra-Color-1" size="small" url="" text="Read Full Article "]